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Haters gonna Hate

We’ve encountered way too many people who are unashamedly genocidal toward pit bulls. The fact that these bigoted attitudes have sustained such longevity is a marvel to behold. I love how smug and self-content these people get when they can exploit a tragedy. It’s trafficking in human misery and it’s a damn disgrace– all so they can feel justified in rabble rousing against innocent pit bull owners who have just as much to do with these anecdotes as the people leading the witch-hunt. Nothing. I loathe hearing about people suffering, infinitely more than those who pretend they care just to have ammunition, but I simply will not treat my dogs like criminals merely to appease somebody’s blatant, unchecked ignorance and blind hatred.

Pit Bull Poetry

(By Brian Richter, Pit Bulls are for Lovers Contributor, Owner of I speak for pit bulls)

Through opened eyes we clearly see
and answer the animal’s plea.
We must see what others ignore
so we alone unlock secrecy’s door.

We look inside the anguished eyes
and we have the burden to be wise.
When others cover their ears
we are the ones to fight the tears.
All of our strength it takes
to endure when our heart aches.
When the images etch our mind
it’s justice we struggle to find.

The screams mark our soul
to end the agony our common goal.
Silencing the wails cannot wait
in our hands we hold their fate.

If only others would lend their voice
and for the helpless make the choice.
With each action we destroy or defend
on each decision so many lives depend..




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